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Photography Services

what we do

What We Do

Epic Auto Shotz is dedicated to producing high-quality images for the automotive industry and car enthusiasts alike. After working as a photographer for nearly a decade, Danny Irvine has turned his skills to the art of photographing cars, motorcycles and all things automotive.

If you are looking to have your pride and joy photographed to hang in your man cave or maybe to hang at the office. I can produce some spectacular images and can even have them mounted as an acrylic face mount or framed print. This will look absolutely stunning and is a great way to exhibit the finished work.

I can also produce a series of high-quality professional image that will give you the edge if you decide to sell you beautiful and treasured possession.

Last but not lease I am always open to working with businesses in the automotive industry, whether it be car manufacturers or individual dealerships or other companies in the automotive industry.

There is also an opportunity to collaborate with me on mutually beneficial projects and if you have a proposal for a particular project then you can contact me via our Contact Page.

Fluro Green BMW 240i

Shoot My ride

Whats Included?

Depending on the option you choose, you will receive up to 30 fully retouched high & low-resolution image files. The shoot will take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. You will also have the opportunity to shoot at 1-3 different locations. 

Whats The Cost?

The price is based ultimately on the option that you choose. We have three options for this shoot package and the price starts at $195. You can click the button below to see the full price list. 

Can I Order A Framed Print?

You can order a print and have if framed at your local frame shop and the price for print only orders start at $99 for a 24″ x 16″ print. I can supply pricing for other print sizes once you book your shoot. My framed option can be seen in the sample image and is my preferred way to showcase automotive photography. You can find out more info HERE. The price for an acrylic face mount starts at $295 for a 24″ x 16″ print.

sell my Ride

Whats Included?

The photoshoot can take up to 2 hours and all photos are taken at the same location. You will then receive 12-36 fully retouched high & low-resolution image files depending on which package you choose. Included in the image files will be exterior and interior images which will highlight the best aspects of your vehicle.

Whats The Cost?

The price for the ‘Sell My Ride’ photo package starts at $165 and has 3 packages.  

Is This Photo Package Right For Me?

Who is the photo package for? This photo package is for anyone who is looking for the absolute best price for their car. Can you sell your car without professional photos? Of course  you can, but a series of beautifully shot photos will undoubtedly help bring much more attention to your advertisement.

Commercial Shoot

What Is The Process On Shoot Day?

The photoshoot can take anything from 1 to 8 hours depending on the brief. All the details of the shoot should be finalised before the day to allow for a much more productive shoot. Depending on the scope of work, fully retouched photos will be delivered in 48-72 hours.

Whats The Cost?

.Commercial work is charged at a per car rate of $195 incl GST. There can be additional charges for any additional equipment hire and travel expenses which will be assessed on a job-by-job basis. For more specialised work, we can work on an hourly rate which is $165 incl GST.

Is This Photo Package Right For Me?

The package is specifically set out to cater for businesses within the auto industry. Whether you own a small or large dealership or if your business is more specialised such as detailing business that is looking for some great promo images for marketing their business. 

Business Collaboration

What Is A Business Collaboration Shoot?

A business collaboration shoot is where we come together on a project that is mutually beneficial. Maybe you own a car that I really want in my portfolio or maybe you are a dealership with some very special cars. Either way, the idea is that I get to create some special photos for my portfolio and you get to use the photos without restriction.

Whats The Cost?

There is no cost for this shoot. If the project is an exciting enough proposition, I am happy to offer my time at no charge.  The client will merely supply the vehicles for the shoot.

What Type Of Vehicles Qualify?

There are no specific requirements for qualification other than the vehicle needs to be a little bit special. This could be a performance sports car, a luxury sedan, a fully restored classic, a sports motorbike or even something a little be strange. The most important thing is that whatever the vehicle is, it must be something that immediately peaks my interest.

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