Lexus ISF In Tunnel

Lexus Isf City Photo Shoot

At this point, I have had the please of photographing this very nice example of the Lexus ISF V8 Beast multiple times and I look forward to photographing it on many other occasions.

Alex, the owner of this beautiful vehicle takes absolute pleasure in looking after it. It’s not his only car, but I do think it’s his favourite one at this point. The car is dripping in carbon fibre, both inside and out. It has definitely been modified in a very subtle but sophisticated way. The interior hasn’t really dated and still looks very sporty and luxurious at the same time. I think this car could be a great daily driver but Alex has decided to keep it for a weekender until he picks up an LFA later on down the road. Keeping this car as a weekender definitely keeps it looking pristine. I would be very tempted to take it out on a much more frequent basis.

McLaren 720s in Black
Lexus ISF In Industrial Area
Lexus in Alleyway with sunlight
Lexus ISF With mural on wall
Lexus ISF in alleyway

As I have said earlier, I have been out shooting with Alex and his Lexus ISF on numerous occasions, and this car never disappoints. We have taken so many great shots at so many great locations. Each time we shoot, we always seem to get some real keepers and in a later post, I hope to share some upcoming video shoots too.

Lexus ISF With City in Background
Lexus ISF With City in Background
Lexus ISF Outside an apartment block
Lexus ISF Overlooking North Sydney
Lexus ISF Overlooking North Sydney
Lexus ISF with Anzac Bridge in background

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